Latest Covid19 guidance

The latest UK Government advice on Covid19 can be found here:

For Scotland, the latest information is here:

For Wales, the latest information is here:

DCMS guidance

The latest sectoral information from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport including information relating to betting and gaming operators, is set out here:

Please note, while this guidance applies to England, you should always consider whether there are local restrictions in place in your area. If you live in or work in an area that is experiencing a local COVID-19 outbreak and where local restrictions have been imposed, different guidance and legislation will apply. Please consult the local restrictions pages (the details are below) to see if any restrictions are in place in your area.

Business re-opening information

The details of how businesses can re-open, and when and how, are set out here. The details for Scotland and Wales can be found here as well.

The details of the Covid secure guidance can be found here:

Business support

Details of the support available for businesses are set out here:

Work and financial support

Details of the financial help available for those are work are set out here:

Financial help for businesses are set out here:

Coronavirus FAQs

Details of what is, and is not, allowed under current regulations are here:

Local restrictions

Government guidance on how they will apply localised restrictions are set out here:

Details of current local restrictions in place are here:


The list of countries and territories from where you can travel to England and may not have to self-isolate are here: