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Racing TV launches 'Write to your MP' initiative

Racing TV have launched a portal enabling concerned racing fans to seek assurances from their MPs that future gambling regulation would not impinge on their civil liberties nor enjoyment of horse racing, and would not result in any unintended economic consequences to British horse racing. Potential measures under consideration could include stringent affordability checks and restrictions on how much punters can deposit, stake and lose.

RMG (parent company of Racing TV) CEO, Martin Stevenson said: “Racing TV absolutely supports and endorses the importance of protecting vulnerable individuals from gambling-related harm, but it is vital that any new legislation is proportionate, targeted and evidence-based.

"To that end, we’ve activated our racecourses’ and our own networks and provided them with a facility to write to their local MPs – and the response has been overwhelming. It demonstrates just how much these issues strike a chord with punters and racing fans and I’d like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to send an email.”

You can email your MP by clicking on this link, entering your postcode to find your MP, and putting your name to the letter – a process which is straightforward and will take less than a minute to complete, but could make a real difference to the future of the sport

A recent Racing TV survey undertaken by more than 2,000 of its members, who confirmed that the prospect of strict betting limits and/or enhanced affordability checks were a concern.

More than 86% of respondents believe that enhanced affordability checks could drive betting underground, while among the most striking findings were that 93% said that it would be wrong for Government to be able to control the amount punters could spend on a single bet in a horse race.

And more than 95% said that they would not be willing to share bank statements in order for bookmakers to determine a punter's affordability level for betting.

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