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BGC welcomes new rules on VIP schemes

Standards body BGC welcomes tough new Gambling Commission rules on VIP schemes

Standards body the Betting and Gaming Council has welcomed new Gambling Commission guidelines on the use of ‘VIP schemes’ by operators.

The move follows the publication by the BGC of a new code of conduct which has seen the number of people enrolled in the schemes fall by 70 per cent.

Under the new arrangements, which come into force on 31 October, customers must be subjected to rigorous checks before being signed up, and their betting behaviour must be closely monitored going forward.

The programmes themselves must be overseen by senior managers and run in a fully transparent way.

Michael Dugher, chief executive of the Betting and Gaming Council, said: “The BGC, working with the Gambling Commission, has taken tough action on VIP accounts, including the introduction of a strict new code of conduct which has seen the number of players enrolled in them reduced by 70 per cent.

“The code restricts anyone aged under 25 from taking part, while any customer considered for a VIP reward programme must first pass rigorous safer gambling checks and be subject to ongoing checks on their betting behaviour. Reward programmes must be overseen by senior management and conducted in a clear and transparent way to prevent any betting-related harm. Operators are also banned from incentivising customers based on losses.

“This is further evidence of our commitment to driving up standards within our industry.”

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