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19 October 2021

Brigid Simmonds

Writing for PoliticsHome, BGC chairman Brigid Simmonds says the launch of our 'Take Time To Think' campaign is another step on our journey to keep customers safe and in control of their betting.
9 September 2021

Michael Dugher

All the evidence shows gambling advertising does not equal harm - but let’s keep driving change and raising standards.
6 September 2021

Michael Dugher

The regulated betting and gaming industry is ready to play its part in the Covid recovery.
27 August 2021

Wes Himes

The BGC’s drive to promote safer gambling has produced tangible results, but we are determined to go further.
23 August 2021

Deborah Roil

We want this year's Safer Gambling Week to be the best one yet.
22 August 2021

Michael Dugher

Evidence from abroad shows the unregulated black market will benefit unless we get the gambling review right.
16 August 2021

Peter Jackson

Sport can be life-changing for young people, both mentally and physically, and contribute towards better life outcomes
10 August 2021

Kyle Riding

Education has an important role to play in harm prevention
6 August 2021

Bill South

How should the bookies take on match fixers?
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